Share your writing as healing narrative

Though one of the guidelines for writing as healing is to write only for yourself, you may find as I did that after writing, you have an impulse to share some of what you've written (perhaps in an edited form). If you do decide to share a piece of writing as healing you've created, I would love to have you submit it to be posted on this site in the Writing as Healing Community Form using the form below.

I'll moderate the submissions to make sure they're appropriate to the site and then post them on the community forum page. I'll make a place for comments after each writing as healing narrative, so check back to see others' encouragement and support for your post. It takes real courage to make private thoughts and feelings public. I will moderate to ensure that we are all positive and respectful in our responses to each other's writing. Thanks!

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Feel free to be creative here if you choose: perhaps Ann Onamous or Zeze the X?